jan 1. 2015 {leap}

Here I go. Diving in, heart first. 

Here’s the skinny. I’ve been a photographer in Utah for nearly 10 years. I’ve photographed everything from newborns to weddings and just wrapped up shooting for my 2nd interior design book. I always get the question, “What’s your favorite subject to photograph?” In recent years I’ve heard myself give some canned answers and none of it felt totally authentic. I have AMAZING clients. Truly. God, I love my job. But something has been missing. Simply put, when I photograph an LGBT couple, I know it's where I'm happiest. I feel alive and creative and inspired. 

It's not always easy to find a "gay-friendly" photographer. Lame. I want my clients to feel safe with me and trust me to capture their lives and love in a beautiful way. I want to capture couples and families in their real lives…authentic, honest, love, intimate, raw, real, emotion. Ya feel me? There is a momentum of acceptance and a genuine movement for equality happening right now, and I am desperate to be a part of it by showing the world what love looks like in its many forms.


Thank you in advance for trusting me to capture bits of your life. I look forward to meeting you. 

Ready? Go. :)