Megan & Candice + QUINN

{Adoption Day} Jan . 7 . 2015

I love today. I love it so much I could cry. And I did...while trying to be inconspicuous at the back of the courtroom, snapping pictures of a very sweet day for my friends. 

Candice carried Quinn and is legally considered her "biological mother." But Megan, Candice's wife, is mommy too. In every way. They chose to have Quinn on purpose and make a family together, and Quinn was very much wanted. in front of the judge, Chris {attorney to the stars!} had to ask both Candice and Megan some pretty tough questions….all part of the process. I love when he asked this one: "You realize that by signing the document in front of you and choosing to adopt Quinn, it is permanent, correct?" YES. YES. YES. Hell Yes, it's permanent. That's exactly what they want and I cried knowing that after today Megan is legally and lawfully bound to Quinn forever and ever and has the same rights as Candice as Quinn's mom. She's always been so, but today there's a legal document that says it, too. :)  It was beyond beautiful and I am so honored to have been there to watch it happen. 

Quinn is loved beyond measure. She'll be raised by a village and TWO mommies who have worked so hard to give her an incredible life. Megan and Candice have been a huge part of Utah's equality momentum over the last couple years. I'm blessed to know and love them, to call them my friends. 

Click through the images below to view the rest! Such a happy day.